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Tuition fees and exemptions

Students enrolled in degree programs contribute to the costs of higher education services by paying the enrollment fee (related to the merit) and the contributions (related to economic status).

For the academic year 2015/2016, the maximum enrollment fee is set at 342,81 euros and the maximum contributions are set at 1.077,61 euros.

University enrollment fee is determined according to the students' career (number of credits). For the first enrollment (matriculation) the fees are determined according to the final mark obtained at the end of the secondary school.  University contributions are determined and graded according to the economic status of the student’s household. For this purpose the University has determined a function useful to calculate the fees and the contributions due for each study programme. 

See methods for calculating both registration and contributions bandiera italiana.jpg

Students who do not accept the maximum contribution limits, must submit a “Dichiarazione sostitutiva unica - DSU” by a  “Centro assistenza fiscale – CAF” (Italian tax assistance centre). The “Centro assistenza fiscale - CAF” office will issue the student with the “ISEEU” (Indicatore della situazione economica equivalente universitaria - indicator of one's financial status for university purposes) declaration for the former year and will notify the University.

The “CAF” declaration and any other information must be submitted no later than the fixed deadline.

Students must also pay a regional tax (A.Di.S.U.: Right to higher education), which is set at: 120,00 euros (ISEE  lower than 17.000,00 euros), 140,00 euros (ISEE  from 17.000,01 up to 34.000,00 euros), 160,00 euros (ISEE  more than 34.000,01 euros)

Students who already have a degree are required to pay the maximum amount of tax and contributions.

Deadlines 2015 - 2016:

1° installment: 7 November 2015
2° installment: 30 April 2016
3° installment: 30 June 2016

Read up about fee payment using online MAV facility

The amount of the first installment is determined automatically during the process of electronic registration and is calculated as follows:
1. if the contribution due is less than or equal to  250,00 euros it must be paid in full;
2. if the contribution due is greater than 250,00 euros but not exceeding 500,00 euros, the first installment will be fixed at  250,00 euros. The difference must be paid with the second installment;
3. if the contribution due is greater than 500,00 euros and 800,00 euros or less, the first installment will be half of the total amount due. The difference must be paid with the second installment;
4. if the contribution due is greater than 800,00 euros, the first installment will be fixed at 400,00 euros. The difference must be paid with the second installment.

The regional tax A.Di.S.U. and the stamp duty fee (16,00 euros) are added to the first installment.

Students who intend to apply for the award of an A.Di.S.U. scholarship at the time of registration, will only need to pay stamp duty and regional tax. Payment must be made by the  first deadlines set for the academic year (early in November).

Students who have filed for transfer to another faculty/university by this date are required to pay a single transfer fee of 67,60 euros.

N.B.: after this date the first registration installment is also due.

Any student who enrolls in the "incentive-driven" courses, i.e. Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (270/04) Science and technology of materials, gets a "bonus" of 230,00 euros, which will be credited upon enrollment in the second year of the course as long as the student obtains 12 credits as of 31st October. However, the first installment has to be paid.

The second installment must be paid by 30 April and the third installment by 30 June of each year, or no later than the deadline stated on the payment slip (MAV), but the student may pay the amount due as a lump sum within the period allowed for the payment of the second installment.
Payments of up to  5,00 euros need not be made. Neither are credits of up to this figure reimbursed.

Total exemption

The following categories are totally exempt from paying fees/contributions:

• Students who are recipients of A.Di.SU scholarships and any loans of honor (granted pursuant to art. 16, L. 390/91);
• Students eligible for scholarships, but who don't benefit due to a lack of resources
• Students with a disability up to or greater than 66%, even if they already hold an academic qualification;
• Foreign students receiving a scholarship from the Italian government.

NB: Students seeking exemption from payment of fees/tuition fees are required to submit a special request to the A.Di.SU, within the prescribed period (see www.adisupuglia.it)

Other forms of exemption:

Students with a recognized disability ranging from 45% to 65% can benefit from a 50% reduction off the amount due, even they already hold an academic title.

Students who graduate within the statutory period, starting from the initial registration without registering late on a course, repeating a year or obtaining recognition of credits following conventions for the recognition of extra-curricular vocational activities (see Regulation governing Conventions on the recognition of credits), qualify for a refund of all fees and contributions paid over the last year. Students can only use this benefit once.

Enrolled students are exempt from the payment of tuition and fees if they have received awards or honors in selection processes certified by bodies or institutions with cultural or vocational ends, and if the approval of the appropriate Commission is obtained.

Non-EU students coming from developing countries, who are in difficult Economic conditions proven by documentation issued by the Italian diplomatic authorities, owe an amount total of 245,00 euros, including virtual stamp duty to be paid in a lump sum upon payment of the first installment.


Special facilities

Students who pass (by 31st October of the year of enrollment) all examinations of the statutory curriculum as provided by the Faculty for the years prior to enrollment (including proficiency testing, laboratories, internships, seminars, workshops) (number of exams taken = number of exams likely to take or training credits accumulated = training credits likely to be accumulated) without late registration, repeating years or going through formal recognition processes, with an average mark of not less than 29/30, may request an extra award of  260,00 euros to be used exclusively for the purchase of books, as long as they submit this request by 31st October.


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